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The Saké Bar

In addition to a full standard bar, the sushi bar offers a selection of more than 20 brands of saké:


sweet, rich, smooth and creamy. unfiltered. pairs well with spicy dishes. enjoyed as a dessert wine.

sho chiku bai

momokowa organic

momokowa pearl

sho chiku bai creme(junmai)

kaika kazenoichirin. imported from japan

ginjo and daiginjo

flowery aroma. clean and dry. soft, smooth taste

momokowa diamond

momokowa organic

momokowa g (baby g)

momokowa silver dry

momokowa ruby soft. sold by the bottle and the glass.

kamotsuru tokusei gold daiginjo. imported from japan.


traditional. full-bodied. complex. all selections imported from japan.


yoshinagaway winter warrior

meibo yawanotsuki

shirakabe gura junmai ginjo


fruity aroma and taste. pairs well with cold dishes.

sho chiku bai organic

sho chiku bai

takara sierra cold

flavored/infused sakés

sweet and simple.

moonstone asian pear. infused with pear. served by the bottle and the glass.

lychee. served by the bottle and the glass.

fuji apple. served by the bottle and the glass.

plum wine

enjoy straight or on the rocks.

kinsen plum. served by the glass.

the sushi bar

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